Who is Chris Otchy?

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Thanks for stopping by. I am a San Francisco-based writer and content marketing professional specializing in creating campaigns that attract attention and generate growth. I also produce experimental electronic music and write about it on Medium


Career in Brief

My career began working as a journalist in Bangkok where I was visiting friends. When the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake occurred, devastating southern Thailand with a massive tsunami, I reported on the impact from Ban Nam Khem, one of the hardest hit regions. My work was published in English language newspapers throughout Southeast Asia.

I continued to work there as a writer and editor for the next three years, contributing pieces to CNN, the International Herald Tribune, the Bangkok Post, and the weekly publications now corralled under the Asia City Media Group.

I returned home to New York City in 2008, where I leveraged my skills to begin brand consulting and marketing for various media clients. I helped to launch several key initiatives for HBO, MTV Networks, and IFC (formerly the Independent Film Channel).

In 2011, I relocated to San Francisco and have been working in digital marketing ever since. My specialty is helping brands grow by telling their stories in compelling ways and promoting that content to their target customers. 

core competencies


  • Content creation and marketing

  • Copy writing and editing

  • Email marketing

  • Social media

  • Brand consulting

  • Web development and SEO

  • Multimedia production and crafting


For more detail, please visit my LinkedIn page, read case studies, or check out my portfolio. Good day! 


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