Superintelligence Studies

I've created a few tracks inspired by a recent read, Superintelligence.

In it, Oxford University Professor Nick Bostrom argues that if artificial intelligence (AI) surpasses human brains in general intelligence, this new AI could replace humans as the dominant lifeform on Earth. In order to do so, though, the AI must be given the ability to learn, and then, with access to limitless information on the Internet, and unhindered by human shortcomings (the need for sleep, memory loss, a limited lifespan, etc), it could essentially "bootstrap" itself to a point beyond humans could ever go.

Passing this singularity point, humans could potentially find themselves at the mercy of their own creations... Fascinating premise. Hope it doesn't play out like this in our lifetimes, though it very well could.

That one was a free download, so go ahead and grab it while it's hot!

Selected Tracks from Christopher Fantasy

christopher fantasy playlist

This playlist was created from a selection of tracks I created over the past 4 - 5 years using the moniker Christopher Fantasy. They were created with Native Instruments Maschine, a Roland SH-101 and a few other pieces of gear in the home studio. 

I think these pieces form a pretty complete vision of where I have been over the past few years making music. It represents an overall push toward house / techno type rhythms with melodic synth lines layered on top. 

Now that I can feel my sentiments and musical aesthetic shifting significantly in a new direction, I thought it might be good to gather this music in one cohesive playlist. It's where I've been, and may be a good artifact to understand where I'm headed (for me, at least).