Artist Discovery of the Week: m.e.d.o.

Last week, I discovered this amazing artist on SoundCloud that I have been listening to non-stop ever since—m.e.d.o. I have no idea who this person is. All I know is (s)he’s from London. (I’ll refer to m.e.d.o. as a “he” for convenience sake). 

MEDO soundcloud page.PNG

m.e.d.o. has zero branding around himself—his SoundCloud artist page is whited out and has no logo or photos. No contact info is on his profile, no artist background, and no external links. But his music is really special. 

I would describe it as ambient electronic, but that’s such a broad genre, it really doesn’t do m.e.d.o. justice. It’s delicate. It’s gentle, without being twee or cutesy. Tones fade in and out of the background with minimal change in timbre, but the notes chosen and the treatment of the tracks themselves—the timing, the accompaniment (of which there is minimal)—just creates this terrific mental world. And I love that it’s not ultra compressed. A lot of electronic music you see on SC these days it just one straight bar of sound that they obviously just crushed the life out of with compression + limiting.

Not for m.e.d.o. Either by choice or circumstance, he left in the dynamic range, which gives his tracks a living, breathing quality that really resonates with me and the type of music I aspire making.

To make matters confusing, there’s another m.e.d.o. on Spotify, but I doubt it’s the same artist. That M.E.D.O. makes much more commercial, cheesy sounding house music that bears little resemblance to the artist on SC. Less craft, more blunt force.

Could the SC be a side project for the Spotify MEDO? Can’t be sure, but I doubt it. They just feel like completely different artists striving for much different sounds.

In light of this discovery, and ALL the other incredible bedroom artists I've connected with through my SoundCloud page, it saddens me that the streaming giant is experiencing financial woes. They apparently just cut 40% of their staff this week.

If this streaming platform goes away, what will it mean for grassroots bands, bedroom producers and the like? Well, it will likely be a boon to Bandcamp, but in my mind, Bandcamp and SoundCloud compliment each other, and the entire music industry will be weaker because of the loss of SC. 

Let's hope they can turn things around. SoundCloud has been a boon to so many, and their failure would hurt a lot of amateur artists.