Manifesto: Make Your Own Fate, Construct Your Own Happiness

I didn’t want this life. I didn’t choose the situation I fell into. But like every person needs to, I made the best of what was given to me. I made my own happiness.

I created a situation in which I could sustain myself and my loved ones, in which I could make music with beautiful instruments, travel the world, practice yoga with incredible teachers, and eat fabulous vegetarian food. I used my brain and the skills I acquired to support myself and contribute to the world in a positive way.

This is the life I’ve chosen.

This is the life I lead intentionally.

This life is no mistake.

There are no mistakes.

This isn’t a plan B.

Yes, I could have chosen to spend my life clawing toward the bleeding edge as a writer, as a musician, as a yoga teacher, as an artist... I could have chosen that bitter path, and lived a frustrated life, struggling to eat, struggling to get paid, drifting from one situation to the next in anonymity.

I could have done that and perhaps been a better writer, a better musician, a better artist or teacher.

Instead, I chose to take the tools I was given, the talents and skills I forged myself, and made the most of life. I took the brains I was born with and the instincts that came built into this body and used them to be happy and loving, and to try to imbue the world with positivity, joy, and wonder.

I’m not perfect - no one is. But I try to live consciously, comfortably, and I do try to use the resources at my disposal to contribute to the world in a positive way.