Fluid Cosmos Video

Over the past year and a half, I've become extremely fond of a particular brand of spacey, laid back electronic music known as dub techno. In particular, the work of Rob Modell, aka Deepchord, and the whole crew on his Echospace label. 

Something about the deeply reverberated, echoed modulations, the sinuous chords, and repetitive yet nuanced rhythms of these artists, moves me. The music of the Echospace crew, along with that of some of their forefathers and younger tribesmen, I find simply hypnotic. (I would use the term "trance inducing" if trance no longer connoted horrible, Velveeta ladden,145bpm tweaker music for Ibiza refugees.) 

Dub techno is nothing new, but seems to be enjoying a bit of a comeback, as evidenced by the continual growth of weekly programs like this one.  Maybe it never left and I'm just late to the party. Wouldn't be the first time! 

Co-incidentally, I am also a big fan of psychedelia. So happening upon the below PUPIL / Dave Marian collaborative video got me really excited. 

Recently featured on Creators Project, the video is an hour long dub techno mix created by Marian with brilliantly hypnotic visuals created by PUPIL.  

I basically want to throw a house party and have this going in the background in the darkened room in the back where everyone sort of settles for a minute during the course of the night....